Vemmabuilder System – Don’t Use Vemma Builder, Learn To Generate You Own Vemma Leads

Before, we get into my review of Vemmabuilder, I just want to mention that I am not involved in the Vemma Business, so this is just a third party opinion of Vemma Builder. I have had friends tell me about Vemmabuilder, so I know about the system. I have done my research on the company, because I like to research companies and Vemma is a great company, especially the fact that they donate some of their proceeds to charity. Vemmabuilder is a tool that you can pay extra for and use to help promote your Vemma home business.
The system tracks visitors to your site and sends out automatic emails to people who have filled out the form on your VemmaBuilder site.  This only will not produce automatic signups, you still need to call the leads, but at least, the lead will be familiar of the company before you call.
Here are my thoughts about the system:


Vemmabuilder – What I like:


1). Leads are not given an incentive to fill out the form
2). You determine how many leads you want per day
3). You choose either US or Canadian Leads
4). After the lead fills out the form, they are given a tour of YOUR Vemma website
5). The new prospect will automatically start receiving email messages from your Vemmabuilder autoresponder


Vemmabuilder – What I dislike:


1). The leads are just generic home based business seeker leads
2). Most leads you get, you probably have to sell them on MLM and answer the question of why they have to invest money
3). The leads are expensive
4). You have to call them
Vemma encourages you to buy into the Vemmabuilder, which I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of purchasing leads. They are expensive and who wants to cold call prospcts only to get hung up on or even yelled at? At the time of writing this article, you can purchased leads from Vemmabuilder for anywhere between $2.00-$2.50 per lead. The price depends on the amount that you buy.
When I got started in MLM, I was told to buy leads and call them. At the time I had a fulltime job, so on my days off, I would spend time calling these leads. 90% of the people were not even home. I would leave messages only to never receive a return phone call. If I did get someone on the phone, they weren’t even interested in a home based business. Talk about being frustrated and a waste of time and money! But, for those that enjoy the phone and talking to people, then Vemmabuilder would certainly be an asset for your business.
After realizing that calling leads was not for me, I decided to educate myself on generating leads other ways. I quickly found that the successful people in this industry generate their own leads, most of them through free ways of marketing online.
In other words, to top earners in this industry generate their own leads for free, online, without having to pick up the phone. They have people calling them for more information. Would that make your life easier if you had people calling you asking about your Vemma business? And if all of this happened for free?
To get access to free training that will help you generate your own Vemma leads online without purchasing Vemmabuilder or picking up the phone, fill in the form below. You’ll be taken straight to our Vemma Training Resource. You want to start your training TODAY before your competitors do!


Having people to talk to about your business, is vital if you want to build a successful mlm business. If you don’t have people to talk to, how can you expect your business to grow? You need leads! As I mention earlier, I myself, struggled to get leads and people to enroll in my business opportunity. I now generate free leads everyday for my business and I even have people picking up the phone and calling me! Isn’t that cool?
Would you like to have the same? I can show you how. I can also show you how to brand yourself on the internet and stand out among everyone else in the company. Let’s face it, not everyone will not join your business, just like not everyone will join mine. How would you like to earn an additional income stream from those people? I have earned an income from many people that I have never spoken to nor have they joined my business.
As you can see my marketing works that is why you are on my page. If you are not generating leads and exposing your company presentation to 5 people every single day, then you will fail. :-)
What if you were able to generate 28 free leads each and everyday and build a relationship with those people, so that they actually WANT join your personal team? Learn how I consistently generate 28 free leads daily, sponsored over 600 people online, and earn an extra $1050 in 1 day all while making macaroni and cheese for the kids, hanging at the beach, or just living life. Let’s lock arms and I will give you access to the tools to so you can learn how to have your prospects want to pull out their credit card and buy from you so you can earn more, work less, and FINALLY put the FUN back into your business…all without picking up the phone!

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2 comments on “Vemmabuilder System – Don’t Use Vemma Builder, Learn To Generate You Own Vemma Leads
  1. Cecilia says:

    Hi Kim!

    I am very interested to generate free leads into my business. But I live in Sweden, will that be a problem? Does it only work in america?

    Thank you for your time!


  2. Kim Tarr says:


    You can generate leads world wide for Vemma!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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