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Before I get into ACN Energy, I wanted to provide a background on the company first. The company started by providing telecommuncations using the mlm business model. They have since expanded their services to include energy. The company now operates in 23 countries, on 4 continents. The company is a member of the Direct Selling Associations in North America, and Europe. ACN has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company was also featured twice on the TV show The Celebrity Apprentice in 2009 and 2011.


Let’s face it, everyone pays an electric bill. Depending on what state you currently live in, you may or may not have a choice on whom you would like to supply your energy. You didn’t have a choice about the rate that you were charged. Now you do, if you currently live in a state that has deregulated their energy. You can literally shop around to find the best rate for your energy and possibly your natural gas. And you maybe choosing ACN Energy makes sense for you.


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ACN Energy – The Opportunity


Because of this deregulation that will soon be in every state in the country, ACN Energy creates a huge opportunity for everyday folks to partner up with a already successful company and promote a service that every person pays a bill on anyway. This isn’t like someone promoting a weight loss product or over priced vitamin,that people can’t afford. This is energy, something that households can not live without. For those that are looking for a way to become self-employed, this is a fantastic option.



If you are interested in getting started with ACN Energy does require a $499 investment. A small investment considering that the earning potential is limitless. When you compare that to buying a franchise like a McDonald’s which costs around $1 million, it is a no brainer.

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ACN Energy – How To Become A Top Producer


Promoting ACN Energy to friends and family can only get you so far, meaning, not all of your friends and family will join you in your new venture. And if you are like me, my friends and family don’t agree with the whole mlm concept. If that is your situation also, then if you want to grow a big ACN Energy team, you almost have no choice then to start marketing on the internet so you can reach people that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.


You need to find targeted people to share this opportunity with, ones that believe in the mlm business model and ones that will see the opportunity just like you did. Problem is the majority of people do not know how to market on the internet. They try certain marketing strategies and the result is lost money and no generated income. When marketing online, you need to stand out among all of the other ACN Energy reps and give people a reason to join you and only you. This is what makes a great leader. If you market like every other rep in the company, what makes you different? Did you get into ACN to make money or to lose money? You need to expose your business every single day if it is your desire to build a big check and walk across that stage receiving various awards.
As you can see my marketing works that is why you are on my page. If you are not generating leads and exposing your company presentation to 5 people every single day, then you will fail. :-)
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ACN Energy

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