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bHIP Global, Inc. a health and wellness network marketing company with worldwide operations in over 18 countries. The company was formed in 2007 and has developed a solid and proven infrastructure.  Sales last year topped $46 Million, with projected sales of $75-$100 Million this year. bHIP Global recently acquired 2 other mlm companies,  Ceregenex and Velocity International Marketing .
Executive offices are located in Dallas, TX. Warehousing, Shipping, and Customer Service for North America are located in Branson, MO. Technology and IT infrastructure are located in Minneapolis, MN. Terry LaCore is the CEO of bHIP Global. The company plans to expand into 30+ countries by 2011.

bHIP Global – Getting Started and Getting Paid


To become a member of the company you simply pay $49.95 per year. This will give you access to your personal Global Software System (GSS). You will receive your own marketing website, which is your own retail store and unlimited full access to your back office for 12 months. If you order at least 18BV (cost will be about $40) within 4 weeks of joining you will receive a discount 20% off of products. If you wish to earn bonuses, receive a higher discount on products, then all you need to do is order at least $160 of product per month.


Commissions are paid weekly. You have the ability to earn commissions off of your personally sponsors reps as well as the people that they personally sponsor. The company offers leadership matching bonuses and one time rank advancement bonuses ranging from $10,000 – $500,000. They also offer custom diamond watches, a diamond ring, a Mercedes , vacations, a home mortgage, and 1% share of the global sales pool as you move up in rank also.


bHIP Global – Training


The company believes that if you develop yourself, you will develop a successful business and because of this they have created what is called bHIP university. The mission of bHIP University is to provide the highest level of teaching, training, inspiration, and motivation to the product promoters of bHIP Global. It is designed for you to deliver principals and strategies necessary for you to maximize the financial business model that is offered.


While I know for a fact that this company wants nothing but success for you, I have been around the industry for awhile to know that one thing is missing from the training program and that is internet marketing training. Most mlm companies do not have this training; yet, it is knowledge that so many want to know. The benefits of knowing how to market on the internet is the fact that you can market one time, and if you do it right, it could generate leads for you for months and years to come. I still get leads from things that I have done 1 year ago!


What if you were able to generate 28 free leads each and everyday and build a relationship with those people, so that they actually WANT join your personal team? Learn how I consistently generate 28 free leads daily, sponsored over 600 people online, and earn an extra $1050 in 1 day all while making macaroni and cheese for the kids, hanging at the beach, or just living life. Let’s lock arms and I will give you access to the tools to so you can learn how to have your prospects want to pull out their credit card and buy from you so you can earn more, work less, and FINALLY put the FUN back into your business…all without picking up the phone!

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