Energy MLM – Which One Is The Best?

Energy MLM


Since you have found my page on energy mlm, I assume you are looking to get involved in an energy mlm home based business, well good for you! I have to say that in the last 5 months I have heard so much about energy mlm’s and have had so many people try to recruit me into their businesses, it is just spreading like wildfire. I have talked to people that have never wanted to get involved in mlm before get in because the fact that you can get paid off of other people’s electric bill just makes sense to them.


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Energy MLM – The Costs To Get In Business


Many people are not aware that there are many different energy mlm companies out there. There are about 6 that I know of I am sure that there will be more to come. So, what makes these companies different? Well first, the start up costs. If you are looking to become a rep for any company, you are looking at spending an average of $300-$429 just to get started. On top of an investment, you will also need to spend anywhere from $20-$25 per month to host your corporate websites.



Did you know that in most of the energy companies you have to pay a yearly renewal fee? This fee can range from $59-$200 per year. So, the first year in business, you are looking at anywhere between $600-$700, not a bad investment considering you have the opportunity to earn an unlimited income.



Energy MLM – What Makes The Companies Different?


Compensation and leadership are always going to be different depending on the company. As far as compensation goes, I don’t think I have seen a bad compensation plan in any mlm! Now, depending on the company, one may offer a higher start up bonus or maybe pay on an extra level. For me, the most important aspect in joining a business is the leadership.


No matter what company you decide to join, you must feel comfortable with the leadership team and upline. You must have support from them. If you have questions, you must have people that you can contact to help you build this business. I have been in mlm companies that have had no good leadership or training and I failed miserably. Having a great leadership team can be the reason for success or failure.


Energy MLM – Which Company Do I Recommend?


When I first heard about the energy companies, I had no interest in joining one because I was already in a home based business. I had a gentleman give me a call and informed me about a specific company and it just made sense. I am not only in mlm to earn an income, but I am also in it to help others achieve their dreams and goals. This business model of having energy as the product just made sense, but when I learned that there was a company that had no investment to get started, It just made perfect sense because I can help those create an income from home that maybe don’t have any money to get started. I have talked with other energy brokers from companies and they tell me that many people they talk with do not have the money to join their company, so they don’t join. So, what is going to happen is those people are going to find me online, just like you did, and join my company.

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If you are going to join or if you are already in another energy company, great for you! I would never convince you to leave that company if you are passionate about it, but one complaint that people have is what do they do after they have run out of their warm market. They don’t know where to go to build their business. They typically go to the internet and try marketing, but most of the time it is not effective and doesn’t work.


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3 comments on “Energy MLM – Which One Is The Best?
  1. Jeffrey Robinson says:

    What is the name of your company?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    It is called North American Power.

    Click Here if you want more information:

    Give me a call with any questions: 484-437-3474


  3. Kim,

    Give me a call at 310-619-3055 regarding the energy industry.

    Jim Roguski

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