Lightyear Wireless Review


Lightyear Wireless Scam Review

Lightyear Wireless Scam Review



People are struggling financial, but one thing is for sure, most people have a cell phone. In fact, it is a $210 billion dollar industry. Lightyear launched into the wireless industry in 2008. 98% of the US population has a cell phone. People are canceling their landlines and just using using their cell phones. 60% of people ages 19-29 do not even have a land line. With Lightyear, you now have the opportunity to get unlimited Talk, Text, and Web using nationwide 3G networks all for only $59.99 per month. That is an unheard of price. That also includes caller ID, Voicemail, 3-way calling, and more, all with no contract required. As you can see, this company is definatly not a scam.


Lightyear Wireless Review – The Investment


To get started in the wireless business, you have to options. You can join as a Sales Rep for $49.99 and only be qualified to earn some commissions or you can choose the Gold package and come into the company as a Senior Manager. This will cost you $299.99 and will qualify you for all commissions right away. You also have to pay a one-time $25 web activation fee. Either package you choose, if you can get the opportunity to have your cell phone bill paid for, that is a bonus. If you refer 3 people and enroll yourself into the program, you cell phone bill will cost you nothing, forever. You are going to use it anyway, so why not get it free, right?


Lightyear Wireless Review – Earnings


There are 3 ways to earn an income with the company. They company offers an immediate bonus income, a monthly residual income, and also promotional incentives. You earn $25 for each wireless customer you activate. As a bonus, if you activate 3 customers in your first 30 days, you will earn a $200 bonus. You earn $100 for each rep that you sponsor into the business. Earn an additional $200 if those people activate 3 customers in their first 30 days. You earn up to 10% of your personal customers bill and 1%-4% of your team’s customers every single month. The company also offers incentive trips and luxury car programs.


Lightyear Wireless Review – Training


You see, if you want to build a profitable business online, it isn’t about having the best product, it is being a leader in the industry. If you help people more than their own upline, after awhile, do you think they want to join your team? Of course they would! When people join home based business they primarily do it for extra income, not for the product. If you lead the pack and really show people how to generate leads online, they will start to follow you and eventually join you in business if they are not having any success in their own. Because they think to themselves that if they learn a lot from you even though you aren’t in their business, think of what they will learn when they are in their business. Learn to generate leads online and learn how to have people join you! I personally just sponsored 3 people in my business this week, with 2 of them signup up automatically, do you want the same results?

Lightyear Wireless Review
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Lightyear Wireless Review
What if you were able to generate 28 free leads each and everyday and build a relationship with those people, so that they actually WANT join your personal team? Learn how I consistently generate 28 free leads daily, sponsored over 600 people online, and earn an extra $1050 in 1 day all while making macaroni and cheese for the kids, hanging at the beach, or just living life. Let’s lock arms and I will give you access to the tools to so you can learn how to have your prospects want to pull out their credit card and buy from you so you can earn more, work less, and FINALLY put the FUN back into your business…all without picking up the phone!

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Lightyear Wireless Review

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Lightyear Wireless Review


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Lightyear Wireless Review

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