My Shopping Genie Review Scam?


My Shopping Genie Scam Review

My Shopping Genie Scam Review


MyShoppingGenie is a web application with a goal for you to save money when you shop for items online. So, if you are looking to buy a pair of running shoes, instead of spending an hour going through each sport store online to find the lowest price, the Genie will do that for you in literally seconds. The company headquarters is located in Creve Coeur, MO. There is certainly not a My Shopping Genie Scam.


My Shopping Genie Scam Review – The Opportunity


The cost to join the opportunity and receive all commissions is $200. If you are looking to generate an income from this opportunity please note that you will not earn any commissions just by giving away the application. You earn affiliate income as the users of the free Web Apps you personally distribute use the Apps to price compare, make online purchases, select special offers, or click on advertising links.



My Shopping Genie Scam Review – The Fear Of Downloading The Tool


While the MyShoppingGenie application was designed to enhance your online shopping experience, it is a web application. Since it is a free app, at first you might be thinking that this would be an easy business to build because all you have to do is give the Genie away for free. Well, with all of the viruses floating around on the internet, a person might be hesitate to download something onto their computer, in fear that they might get a virus. If you are looking for a way to give applications away, then it is vital that you actually build a relationship with people that you meet online, instead of just sending them an email saying download this great tool.


My Shopping Genie Scam Review – Using Social Media


After you build a relationship with someone, they will start to trust you and after they trust you, then they will be more incline to download the application and give it a try. Since this is a web based tool, marketing online only makes sense, but unfortunately, I have seen too many people use the internet as a way of spamming others. For example, I have seen people send messages to people they do not know on Facebook saying download this free tool. This is spam and when you do this enough, Facebook will close your account down.
Facebook is a great place to market your business, but people don’t use it correctly. So, instead of sending someone a message or putting a link to the Genie on your Facebook wall to download the Genie, why not create a video showing exactly what the Genie does. If you do that, it will take the prospect from an unknown state to a more comfortable one because they will know exactly what it does and how to use it. Plus, again, people are afraid of downloading anything, so visually seeing the Genie in action will only ease their mind. There is not a My Shopping Genie Scam, you have to learn marketing if you want to build your business.



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My Shopping Genie Scam

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My Shopping Genie Scam

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My Shopping Genie Scam

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