PrePaid Legal Scam – Learn What Is Wrong With This Company

PrePaid Legal Scam


PrePaid Legal Scam

PrePaid Legal Scam



If you are aware of the Prepaid Legal scam that is seen online, there is a possibility that you might think another way about this theory by the time that you read this following article. Before you start to stereotype Prepaid Legal, you want to have a broad knowledge of what the company is and what they declare that they can do to assist individuals in having a thriving business. I want to mention that I am in no way affiliate with PrePaid Legal. These are my thoughts. But I know for a fact that there is no PrePaid Legal Scam.

PrePaid Legal Scam – What Is The Reps Job?


Reps main task is to come across individuals who are interested in having legal services. Basically, prepaid legal will allow people to have a personal attorney on hand that will deal with all of their legal matters. Diverse legal matters can be dealt with through these lawyers, such as creating legal wills and helping folks protect their identity.
PrePaid Legal Scam? Not!

This company is a great company to be a part of. There are some people that still think a prepaid legal scam exists. This company is legal that is certainly not a scam.
Representatives that work for this company are not employees of prepaid legal, they work as an independent contractor for the company. This becomes their own business opportunity that they work when they desire.


PrePaid Legal Scam – Why People Fail In This Company?

To be honest, some folks fail in this business because they are not properly educated on how to building a business. People that wish to become a part of Prepaid Legal will need to get hold of education in marketing in order to have a successful business.
The great news is, there are many training programs that offer help to assist folks advertise the services. Finding training programs is not tough to do, however, lots of people are terrified to seek help when it comes to this. Most network marketing companies do not have high-quality training program, so it is the norm for individuals to go outside of their company training to find education that they need in order to do well.

PrePaid Legal Scam – What Is The Key In Making This A Successful Venture?


Marketing is the key in any business. If you do not know how to advertise the right way, it is likely that your business will fail, in spite of its potential.When most people start any mlm venture, they get a hold of their company website and just blast it to everyone they know and to those they do not know on the internet. People think that just from that, others will get excited and see the potential of creating their new lifestyle. Truth is, this does not work. Just because someone sees your website doesn’t mean they will become your business partner. This is what most people do though and when this doesn’t work, they quit the business and claim that it is a scam.

PrePaid Legal Scam? Hardly.

PrePaid Legal (and most other mlm’s) do not properly train their reps on marketing techniques that work. Let’s face it, there are thousands of reps in this company. If you are promoting the same website that everyone else is promoting, what makes you different and makes you stand out from everyone else? What makes you different? Why should people join you over anyone else? You need to be different and stand out and become that leader that everyone wants to join. if you are looking to build a big downline.
As you can see my marketing works that is why you are on my page. If you are not generating leads and exposing your company presentation to 5 people every single day, then you will fail. :-)
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PrePaid Legal Scam

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PrePaid Legal Scam

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5 comments on “PrePaid Legal Scam – Learn What Is Wrong With This Company
  1. Jay says:

    As a loyal user of prepaid legal, I thank you for doing your part in eliminating the idea that the service is a scam! I believe that no business should be without Prepaid legal, so matter the income bracket. If you have a CAA card for your automobile, you should have a Pre-paid legal card!

  2. Jay says:

    Prepaid legal is an incredible service that no individual, family should be without!
    Jay recently posted..Is Pre Paid Legal a ScamMy Profile

  3. Jim Miller says:

    My following words are not meant to be inflammatory or disrespectful towards anyone’s viewpoint..

    My experience with Pre Paid Legal is that it is either a scam or very close to it (depending on your definition). I’ve met associates or reps in/from IL, IN, and OH. In meeting all of these associates and their “teams” I experienced pushy sales tactics, resentment from cut through the bull type questions, and circular presentations that don’t tell you what they are truly trying to sell you. Most of these people spend time trying to recruit for their team and sell you a dream about an unverifiable millionaire within the company while they themselves seem to not be benefiting financially or most importantly using the legal services they claim are so great. This screams pyramid scheme. In my experience if a company less time detailing the actual service they sell or the true value of the service than they spend on a pure sales pitch, the service/product is not proven, not worth it, or is the product/service probably isn’t strong enough to sell itself once you experience it yourself.

    Before I read your article I had no idea that “Reps main task is to come across individuals who are interested in having legal services.” because reps don’t communicate this; they spend more time on recruitment. This company culture seems to be apparent all the way up to the top of the company so it indicates that Pre Paid Legal is simply about the sales pitch and not the real service they are supposed to be selling.

    After performing a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask you can see yourself that this company is vested in dishonesty. Within the past 10 years Wyoming and Missouri have both decided against this company for illegally writing off expenses as assets and not delivering the legal services customers have paid for. This is scary.

    Yes I’m sure many reps simply take the wrong approach to selling because they are not properly trained in marketing, however if reps and managers within the company at Multiple levels seem to all take the same approach, this is indicative of the entire company’s true intent to the public. Now that this company has gone back to private public, at least it can only lose private investors money and not the general public anymore, although I’m sure this move will reduce some of their legal troubles with the SEC and federal government.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Jim,

    I appreciate your opinion. I have to agree that I am not a fan of pushy sales tactics either. People either join or they don’t. No big deal because there are millions more out there looking for an opportunity.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  5. nick says:

    great service have used prepaid legal many times in the past ten years, everyone should have it

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