Stream Energy Scam – Why I Left As A Customer

Stream Energy Scam?


Stream Energy Scam

Stream Energy Scam


If you have stumbled across this Stream Energy Scam article then chances are you are either involved in Ignite Stream Energy or you are looking to become involved. What my goal is for you is to provide you with information regarding the company for you to decide whether it makes sense for you to get involved or not. I used to be a customer of the company, but presently, I am no longer affiliated with this company.


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Stream Energy Scam  – The Relationship Between Stream And Ignite


First off I want to clear up some confusion, I know that I first had about this company. When I first learned about this company, I didn’t know the relationship between Ignite and Stream, all I knew was that they were affiliated with the same company. So, the way the company is structured is this: Stream Energy is the retail energy provider and Ignite is the network marketing distribution channel for Stream Energy. Ignite does not supply energy, they just compensate reps for gathering customers on behalf of Stream.


Stream Energy Scam – The Customers


Right now, you can become a customer if you live in the following states: Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Maryland. Becoming a customer is super easy and you can become a customer at no cost. Chances are that if you do switch to Stream, you will be paying a less expensive energy rate. You can elect to have a fixed energy rate, for this you are locked into a year contract or you can elect a variable rate, in which you have a month to month contract. I myself became a customer of Stream. I loved the fact that the enrollment really easy and I experienced no issue with the company at all. So, this company is definitely not a scam.



Stream Energy Scam – Why I Switched Energy Companies


I did wind up leaving Ignite and went to a different energy company. While I was a customer I had no desire to join up as a rep for the company because I was already involved in another direct sales company. To get started in Ignite, there is a $299 initial investment and you will have to pay $25 every month. I ran across a company that requires no investment to get started with no monthly fees. I felt that I could help a lot of people in this down economy if I could offer them a way for people to to earn an income from home that did not require an investment, so I decided to join that company.


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Stream Energy Scam – How To Build A Big Team


If you decide to join Ignite and you want to build a big team, unless you have a huge warm market, you must use the internet to find new team members. Using the internet is a great way to expose your business to the masses and find new team members. The problem with that is that most people do not know how to market on the internet and posting ads on Craigslist is not as productive as it once was. So, instead of wondering if this company is a scam, which it is not, you need to concentrate on how you are going to build your business.

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