The Customer Advantage


The Customer Advantage


I have to admit, I love coupons! It all began when I was in college and I learned how much I hated going to the grocery store. So, to make it interesting, I decided to see how much I could save every week when I went to the store. I made a game out of it. Most times I save about 25% of my grocery bill each and every week! A few months ago, I did hear of the companies called Groupon and The Customer Advantage, but I didn’t have a care to know what the companies were all about. I just knew that people were promoting them like crazy.


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I recently became a member of Groupon and the first coupons I was presentated with was 50% off of Bounce U! It is summertime and my kids love that place, so I bought the coupon. I typically do reviews of mlm companies and I came across The Customer Advantage and decided to do some research on the company. When you compare it to Groupon, it is typically the same concept, except, you can get paid over and over again.


The Customer Advantage – How It Works


The primary goal of this company is to help promote small local business in your area. In this economy small business are hurting right now. To boost sales and build reputation, they decide to offer a coupon for their services for 50% off. This is a great alternative to spending for very expensive advertising. The Customer Advantage then emails the people on their list that are local to that small business of the coupon they are offering. If the consumer is interested, they will purchase the coupon. The coupons can be for any type of business: Nail salons, tanning salons, restaurants, fitness centers, anything.



The Customer Advantage vs Groupon– The Compensation Plan


Let’s compare the compensation plan to Groupon. When you enroll someone in Groupon, you will earn a one time $10. When you first join the company, you will get paid 5% of the coupon price when one of your personally enrolled people buys a coupon. This is paid for the first 2 levels. After you enroll 5 people into the program, you will get paid on a third level. After you have referred 15 people, you will get paid on the 4th level. You will get paid on the 5th level when you have enrolled 15 people and you have 10 front line people with 10,000 of purchase volume in their group. While you may not get rich tomorrow, it is a cool way to earn a couple of extra bucks, that could eventually lead to more money. Remember, there are no investment, no monthly fees, and no inventory.

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Learn about how you can get paid from your energy bill, no investment





If you sign up for any of the 3 programs above, you will receive my free Facebook Training! This is a 53 minute training webinar that I did for my personal team that allowed me to enroll people from Facebook! This training is the exact strategy I used to enroll someone into my business in less than an hour.


To receive your bonus all you need to do is send me an email at with the subject line ‘facebook training.’ In the email please include which program you signed up for!

As you can see my marketing works that is why you are on my page. If you are not generating leads and exposing your company presentation to 5 people every single day, then you will fail. :-)
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The Customer Advantage

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