Usana Scam – Reviews Of Why There Is A High Failure Rate

Usana Scam Reviews


Usana Scam Review

Usana Scam Review



Usana is an excellent company creating several top products in the health and wellness industry. Who doesn’t yearn for supplements to assist with weight loss, weight gain, or just to be energized. Generally, folks probably have been left feeling sour and thinking there is a Usana Scam. It is also possible that you’ve lost money in this business opportunity. I was one of those people.

Usana Scam – My Personal Story

About 8 years ago, I joined this company. I joined with someone who lived about 30 minutes from me. How could I avoid success I was thinking with a successful mentor so close to me. Truth is, I still didn’t make any money. This was 8 years ago, so I don’t recall of the details of what marketing I was doing. I do remember placing flyers on phone booths and in grocery stores. That was about it as far as marketing. Obviously, times have changed since then, we now have the internet, meetup groups, 100’s of different marketing strategies. Or is it, that we have always had that stuff, but I am now more open to learning about marketing.

Usana Reviews – Why Did I Fail At This Business?

First, I didn’t give it enough time to evolved. I was only a rep for a couple months. I was fearful of spending any money on marketing or on training. Now, with the internet, there are so many ways to generate free leads it is crazy. Just writing an article like this is one of those ways. The biggest issue with current bundle of Usana reps is that they don’t have the skill of selling the product or business opportunity. So if you declined an invitation of getting involved because of the risk of losing money, or if you fear rejection from family, the reason is because you lack the confidence that you need to have a thriving business.

Usana Reviews – How To Achieve Success

If you wish to be successful in its own game and earn an income that it can produce, you need to do what generally individuals do not do. And that is, to get educated on how to be successful. The business model of marketing is commonly referred to as network marketing. Literally, it means marketing within your network. All of us have networks, the domestic network could be neighbors and friends. The professional networks could be people from work or who share similar working experiences.
The thing that works best in network marketing is the knowledge that people in your network know you and trust your judgement. It is not like you are trying to hoodwink them, you are just selling them a great proposition of selling top products. However, most of the current reps do not look at it that way nor sell it like that. This is the primary reason for failure. Individuals need to be educated on how to market to people they know without being annoying and coming off as a sales person.

Usana Scam – Use The Internet To Grow Your Business

After you offer the business to the individuals you know, now what do you do? Are you done growing your business? No way. The internet has matured into a brilliant place to recruit folks in your business opportunity. But again, when most people do this, they are promoting the opportunity incorrectly, which only hurts them in the end. If it is your want to be thriving and beat the Usana scam, you must be properly trained by the folks that have successfully grown home businesses online.

Do you seriously want success in Usana? Are you tired of struggling? Do you want to be in profit mode?
As you can see my marketing works that is why you are on my page. If you are not generating leads and exposing your company presentation to 5 people every single day, then you will fail. :-)
What if you were able to generate 28 free leads each and everyday and build a relationship with those people, so that they actually WANT join your personal team? Learn how I consistently generate 28 free leads daily, sponsored over 600 people online, and earn an extra $1050 in 1 day all while making macaroni and cheese for the kids, hanging at the beach, or just living life. Let’s lock arms and I will give you access to the tools to so you can learn how to have your prospects want to pull out their credit card and buy from you so you can earn more, work less, and FINALLY put the FUN back into your business…all without picking up the phone!

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7 comments on “Usana Scam – Reviews Of Why There Is A High Failure Rate
  1. Kathleen says:

    How ironic that this website leads back to MLMP – A LEAD generator software program that you pay an up front fee and monthly fee. It’s premise is not your primary business at all, but selling their software… Soooo NOT what USANA is about. USANA products are science backed, world class products with independent laboratory research into every product and are supplements are listed in the Medical PDR.

    USANA is not a SCAM but I’m afraid MLMP is!

  2. admin says:

    I agree with you, Usana is not a scam.

    But before you call MLSP a scam, you better do your research. MLSP is not a lead generator software. It doesn’t magically spit out leads for you. It is a educational tool that teaches you marketing on the internet using attraction marketing, you know Mike Dillard, the father of attraction marketing. Calling MLSP a scam, is like calling Mike Dillard a scam, since MLSP was build from the principles of attraction marketing.

    MLSP is not for everyone, because not everyone puts in the work required to become successful. MLSP taught me how to marketing on the internet and just last week I had 3 people join my primary business. 2 of them signed up without me talking to them first because of my marketing. So, no it isn’t about selling software, it is about building a downline and if you watch the MLSP video here: MLSP it explains just that.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Andrew says:

    Usana is not a scam, I have work there for years now.

  4. admin says:

    I agree with you, Andrew. There is no Usana scam. But the reason that people think this way because they fail to get the proper training on how to build a business, then claim that it is one.

  5. usanamuck says:

    this company is not a scam but they control the system, the compensation plan is not good! they have not proven anything yet, and now they’re trying to claim that they are number 1! put your book in a trash comparing your supplements to others. lol , usana are the one who makes the book fyi. for all those people who are reading this, there are far better company that you can join , or else you are going to be the guinea pig of this company..

  6. M.E.Watt says:

    Usana is definitely not a scam, rather it is offers a high quality product FDA. approved,and developed from science based research. Further, the company offers all the tools to help new recruits develop their business. To make money you still have to put in the work, you have to know the product and continue to promote it using the business tools to help you get organized .

  7. admin says:

    I agree Marie!

    Not a scam at all and if you get the right training and go to work, that will create your success story!

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