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Hi! My name is Kim Tarr and I would like to wish you a warm welcome to my blog! I am a Internet marketer who shows people the latest cutting-edge tactics and strategies, which should easily generate you  30+ leads daily for your business. I am talking free leads and sales on autopilot.

A little bit about me…

Growing up, I loved playing sports. I remember staying after school playing sports with the boys. I would play most anything. I loved the feeling of playing on a team and just playing. I grew up watching the Eagles and the Phillies and I still love to watch both teams. Yes, I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I still am unclear why I still live here. I do love the area, but I am a beach bum at heart. I am a sucker for palm trees. I have never been to California, I am afraid I won’t want to come back! Anyway…maybe when the kids are older, I’ll move, but for now, I will settle for vacations to warm places!

I got my first job at the age of 14. I worked at a Pharmacy and actually wound up working there on and off for 14 years. In high school, my parents said that if I wanted anything I would have to pay for it, so I got a second job. I really enjoyed working and making money. My dad is a business owner in the paving business, so I got my love of working from him. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but didn’t know how. This was way before we even had a computer in our house. I went to college in North Carolina and majored in Exercise and Sport Science. I am one of those that has done nothing with their degree, but it has helped me with personal wellness and exercising, so it wasn’t a wasteful 4 years.  I finally landing my first job and a mutual fund company and when I was able to work overtime, I did and took full advantage of it! So, I worked about 55 hours a week at my fulltime job and made almost double because of the overtime I put in, plus I worked at the Pharmacy. I didn’t mind at all. My thought was work now before marriage and having kids.

If you’re a parent, you can relate….

OK, so the desire to have a baby came into play and a year later, here I have my perfect baby boy. Seriously, this kid was and still is perfection! He was the easiest baby and at the age of 6, he is still the best kid. His name is Jackson, but we call him Jake. I remember after he was born the nurse saying, “I didn’t know Jake was short for Jackson.” I said, “It’s not, we just made it up!” I guess it is just one of those crazy things parents can do! So, here we are 1 baby, 2 step kids, a fulltime job, and a husband, life was pretty easy, but still looking around for something else to do besides my fulltime job. I wasn’t happy about paying for daycare, but it was still affordable at the time. OK, so here we go again. I got pregnant after Jake turned 1 and God decided to pull a fast one on me and blessed me with twins! Amanda and Cadence (Cadey – another nickname we made up!) were born right after Jake turned 2! Oh and can I mention that all 3 of their birthdays are in January, right after Christmas? Poor planning on my part!

This is when things got to be a little crazy……

So, now I had 3 kids to worry about when someone got sick. You know how often they get sick at that age. I was tired of sending my kids to daycare knowing they should stay home. I was tired of having to wake them up at 6:00AM and be out the door at 6:20. I was tried of them being in daycare for 10 hours! Something had to change. So, here I have 3 kids fulltime in daycare all year around and 2 step kids fulltime in summer camp. Let’s just say that my daycare costs were DOUBLE my mortgage! I am almost sure all of my pay went to daycare in the summer and most of it was gone during the rest of the year. Why did I stay working while paying so much for daycare? Well, I carried medical coverage for all 7 of us, I was contributing into a 401K, and I was bring some money home, and I guess the sanity factor, having adult interaction. Where can you go having 3 kids under the age of 2 and realistically have fun and not be stressful? My husband and I have no help. It isn’t like I could call my mom to help out, she lives 500 miles away.

Here comes the insane debt…

After paying so much money for daycare, the credit card debt started to get insanely crazy. After trying real estate for a bit, I decided that was not the career I wanted with little kids (I was looking to start parttime, then eventually replace with my fulltime job), so I started looking into Network Marketing companies. After searching, I found one and joined when my kids were all under the age of 3. I didn’t tell my husband, he was so skeptical! I would just tell him….I have a conference call and that was the end of that. But, I eventually told him what business I started. I failed miserably for the first 6 months! Spent so much money that I didn’t have. I spent all of my vacation days from my fulltime job working my home business and it got me nothing but the feeling of failure. But, I didn’t quit, I knew that if I wanted something to change, it was up to me to make that happened. I met someone that was on my team and we spent so many nights “figuring out our master plan,” which never worked, then one day it clicked. We discovered a way to generate an unlimited customers, I was in the top 10 in the entire country one month out of 70,000 people! Many months, I was in the top 20. (keep in mind, I was still working fulltime!) I passed this down to my downline and the serious ones duplicated me! Now, they were in the top 10. It was AWESOME!
So, the time came, my goal was to be able to walk my son to the bus stop when he started Kindergarden and my dream came true! I quit my job the summer before school started.

My Network Marketing Company closed its doors…

While working in my original company, I decided to join another and when I quit my job, I was going to work this business fulltime (or as much as I could with the kids around). 4 months after I quit my job, I learned that the company was going to close its doors. I had lost my residual income from that company and access to all of my customers names, addresses, and phone numbers! I had over 700 customers! It was all gone! Again, thank goodness, I had my residual income from my original company!

I was lost…

The company I was still in….well, it just started to change. Yes, I was making money, but when a company goes through changes, sometimes it is hard to adapt. I wanted a change (which is why I started with the other company in the first place). But, I decided to be smart this time and instead of jumping from company to company (which I did a couple times), I didn’t want to join another company, I wanted to learn how to market effectively no matter what company I joined. Yes, I built some nice residuals, but the skills I used to really only geared to those specific companies.

I wanted to have the skills to be a top earner in any company I joined…

All of the top income earners have had mentors. I decided it was time for me to stop working so hard at building a business and start learning more time effective ways of marketing online. I was working WAY to hard. I knew there was an easier way. Not only have I found a mentor, but I have partnered up with my mentor. It has been so rewarding. It has been a blast. I truly love what I do and I love teaching others to do the same.

Cancer? What?…

I am now on the road to complete piece and freedom. My marriage was great and I was learning skills to be able to build any business and loving what I was learning and loved implementing the strategies, when I got a call from my husband. He found out he had cancer. What? He is only 42 years old! I tell you what…cancer flat out sucks. The feeling of numbness you feel when you hear news like that is just overwhelming. You feel like you are in a cloud in lala land. I remember being outside playing with the kids, having a great time (temporarily forgetting about the cancer), and BAM, it hit me and I would say to myself, “I can not believe he has cancer” and I would start to cry. Long story short, he had a very intense surgery and  he has been cancer free for 6 years.

The key for success in Network Marketing is…

Teaching others. Not only will you generate more money, but, there is no better personal satisfaction than knowing that you helped someone achieve their dream of financial freedom! If that is a passion of yours, then fill out the form to your right. It will give you a preview of what I can offer you. Anything I learn, I have no problem sharing that info with you to help you succeed!

To Your Success,

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11 comments on “About Kim
  1. Hi Kim,

    I’m very interested in enrolling in your free 2-hour boot camp training.

    Also, I am very interested in learning about your lead generation system. You mentioned about a free version of your lead generation system. Do you also market advance lead generation systems(s)? If you do, what’s the monthly cost?

    Thanks, and Very Sincerely.

    -Warren Fenwick-
    North American Power American Wind Customer ID No. 114858

  2. STEPHEN says:

    hi Kim,
    I am just like you. I have previously join a few mlm biz and quited because i do not know HOW to recruit. I still have this passion in me to be successful in network marketing thats the reason why I am searching for a way. I found you and your testimony and i thought if you can show me HOW? If you can help by showing me HOW to generate free leads in 2 weeks (before i have pay the monthly fees as i am financially tight) I would be most grateful and will join you in MLSP.
    Is there a easy step by step VIDEO instructionS doing this?
    Please help!
    I am also searching for a doable low cost primary biz.

  3. Kim Tarr says:


    Feel free to go through my 7 day bootcamp. Training is offered on the side of my blog.


  4. Judicate Kimaro says:

    Read your story Kim, it’s very touching and inspiring.
    Congratulations on all the efforts you have made and achievements.


  5. Kim Tarr says:

    Thank You Judicate! I appreciate that!

  6. Every thing I have read and watched looks good. Personally I have no problem recruiting it is getting people to duplicate. Around 99% of the people that follow me are not seasoned Networkers have no Internet skills and don’t like to talk to people. My question is will MLM-pro work for them?

    It sounds like most of the income comes from MLM-pro! I want to drive traffic to my main business. This is where I want to build for long-term residual income!

    I’m not sure who will respond to this but I would like to hear from Kim Tarr.

    Richard Trotter

  7. Kim Tarr says:

    Hi Richard,

    I have built a team of over 6000 in my mlm. The reason for the duplication is because people believe that they can be successful and they work their tails off.

    If people don’t like to talk to people then they need to get out of MLM and do affiliate marketing.

    Sounds like you need to better target your prospects.

  8. Vincent L. Diaz says:

    Please send me informaI saw you YouTube and would like to find out how to effectively promote on the Internet. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have had a Vollara Distributorship for almost four years and have not been able to properly promote it.

    Also, I recently signed for Wealth Affiliate when I noticed your YouTube video. I suspect that you may be using some of their methods to achieve success.

    I am open to your suggestions on how to proceed to promote Vollara or other programs to be finally independently earning a full time income on the Net.

    Please email me to entrevld@gmail.com or call me at (858) 349-3901.

  9. Kim Tarr says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Feel free to enter in your email address and info will be sent your way.


  10. Dorothea Bryant says:

    Hello Kim, I hope you are still promoting this business.

    I am looking to start a business on Friday, July 17, 2015. I don’t know how to market, or market online or anywhere.

    I was wondering if you could email me, so that we could talk.

    Thank you so much,

  11. Kim Tarr says:

    Yep! I will reach out.

    Unless you are going to bug your warm market, you have to learn how to get leads online ideally before you start a business.

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