Have you ever gotten so frustrated in your business that you wanted to quit?

Have you ever been so frustrated that you would just cry and cry?

Have you ever cried so hard walking up to your spouse telling them that you were ready to throw in the towel.

I have done all of it above, many, many times….

There was a period of my life that I was so depressed that I had to take sleeping pills to sleep cause I was too depressed to even sleep.

Hear my story how I went from being so darn frustrated, punching walls, and wanting to […] Continue Reading…

I Stopped Calling Leads And My Sales Went Up

If I could told you to stop calling leads and still make sales, would you believe me?

How many of us hate calling leads?

I know I do.

Thing is, I was horrible on the phone.

But, then I realized.

For every hour of calling leads, I could be marketing for that same hour to produce 20 leads.

So, what would you rather do?

Prospect for an hour, convincing 3 people to join you.

Or, would you rather spend an hour or 2 marketing to produce 20 leads?

For me, I realized that the serious buyers will buy.

The tire kickers won’t.

When I first started in mlm 6 years […] Continue Reading…

It Only Takes 5 Seconds To Become Successful

So many people ask me, “Kim how did you become so successful?”

The answer? Because I decided to be. I made the decision that I was going to be successful.

Not only did I decide, but I also took massive active. I visualized receiving awards on stage. I visualized being one of the best.

Yesterday was Sunday and I still made $196 NOT working my business. Talk about a business built on autopilot.
This is me being recognized on stage for being the #10 affiliate in a company called My Lead System Pro.

In the audio below my Business partner and co-founder of the […] Continue Reading…

Would You Like To Earn $1675 in 5 days?

So, you want to learn how to make money online…

Are you struggling?
Are you confused on what to do?
Do you feel overwhelmed?

I used to also and it is the most helpless feeling in the world.

January I had my best month online ever.

Here is a screen shot of earning $1675 in 5 days: (I actually earned $2500 that week)

Now, it is time for me to give back.

Stephanie and I implemented an internet marketing strategy that is so simple and easy and will allow anyone that is brand new to be successful in only 2 hours a day!

Don’t believe me, then […] Continue Reading…

Learn How Henry Added 4 New Team Members In One Day

After watching this video, you will know the secrets on how I have built a team of over 3300 people.

I want to introduce you to Henry.

Henry inspires the crap out of me…

If you are serious and want to build a 5 figure a month business FAST, follow what Henry is doing.

Henry makes me look kinda lazy…. :-) Luckily, he is on my team!

Do you want your business to grow like Henry’s? Then watch the video below and learn exactly what he does. all from free marketing.

You will also learn hear me talk about how I use Empower Network to […] Continue Reading…

I was told by an amazing mentor of mine, that if I wanted to see my business completely transform, work hard for 90 days straight, every single day.

You know what?

It worked…

Because of the work I put into my business, I became the #10 sponsor in my company.

Now it is your turn to learn how you can make a 5 figure income in business:

* Daily Accountability from each panelist
* Intro to John Assaraf!
* Goal Setting for the next 12 weeks and beyond
* What’s the DL on MLM News?

Watch below (Fast forward to 7 minutes)


Join us everyday Monday – Friday at […] Continue Reading…

Amway Review – Learn To Sponsor 2 Reps A Week Online

Amway Review

Amway Review

Holy Cow! Amway was founded in 1959! The original product offered by Amway was Liquid Organic Cleaner. It was the first concentrated, bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning product. They are a global leader in the health and beauty niche. They have more than 3 million business owners around the world.

Please note that I am not a business owner of this company, but I am providing this Amway Review for you and I am also someone that knows who to build a business on the internet.

People tired of compromising in their daily lives and […] Continue Reading…

Advocare Review
Advocare Review

AdvoCare Review is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity. The biggest issue with this company and most mlm’s is that they do not teach how to build a business on the internet. In this day and age, people are busy. They don’t have time to spend hours a day prospecting and going to hotel meetings. If this is you, then stop doing this and learn to automate your business like I do. Imagine to waking up with […] Continue Reading…

SereniGy Review
SereniGy Review

SereniGy’s products include coffees, teas, hot chocolate, nutritional supplements. They are based in Miami, Fl. New SereniGy Distributors can choose from several starter packages which start at $39.00 and include a back office, website, business kit and wholesale pricing on all products. SereniGy has a binary compensation plan.

A lot of people are wondering what there is to know about SereniGy. When it comes to network marketing you need to inform yourself with as much knowledge as you can so you can try and apply it whenever and wherever possible. So take in some […] Continue Reading…



Rebecca Ness

When Rebecca learned about the AIM Team she had questions. We talked on the phone and exchanged a few emails and I could tell she was a little unsure if she should get involved with our team. She also knew that if she wanted success in online marketing, she would need to take action. The first time she joined our team, she quit about a month later. She saw the success that Stephanie and I were having and decided that it was her turn to have the same success.

She got involved and in 8 short weeks she had […] Continue Reading…

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