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Evolv has a simple mission. Their mission is: To improve health and wealth of 8.4 million people throughout the world by completing the e84 Challenge. 8.4 million people. Wow, I wonder who came up with that number. That is a lot of people to help! The company envisions expanding the e84 Challenge to one hundred countries in the next ten years. The company also has a foundation that they support called the Give-Share-Evolv Foundation. It was created to provide resources for those in need and are unable to provide for themselves. Money gets donated to the foundation every time an e84 challenge has been completed.


Just a note, I am not affiliated with this company, so this is just a third party opinion.

Evolv Review Scam – The e84 Challenge


70% of health problems reported could have been avoided simply by making better lifestyle choices. This is where the e84 challenge comes in. This program is designed for you to break your bad health habits by having a mentor to help you. There are 3 types of challenges. BURN is for those that want to lose weight. FUEL is to boost and maintain good health. EDGE is for those that want to gain peak conditioning. Every 84 days the company picks 8 winners from those that have completed their daily goals towards the e84 challenge. Each grand winner receives over $10,000 of prizes, trips, and more. Aside from offering the challenge, the company also offers various products like water, shakes, energy drinks, and a nutrient supplement.



Evolv Review Scam – Getting Wealthy


You simple get paid to promote the e84. If you refer the program to 3 friends, then you get your product for free. The company offers 8 eight of getting paid. The company comp plan is a binery which is great because everyone in the team helps one another earn money because if could offer a lot of spillover if the team is producing. You can earn money by retailing the product, your team’s production, sponsoring people into the business, and even earn a car and trips.



Evolv Review Scam – How To Attract People To The E84 Challenge


First off, if you have a large warm market and sphere of influence it is recommended that you share the product with them. If not, which is most of us, then marketing on the internet should be how you are going to build your business. Internet marketing is great if you do it right, but most people don’t. You see what most people do is go on Facebook and place their Evolv website and think people will just enroll in the challenge. It is not that easy.
Think of it this way. People want to know what is it in for them. If you just say something like, “Check this out…click here” People won’t because they haven’t seen anything that would benefit them. Now if you wrote an article about how you lost 10 pounds in 2 months and outlined exactly what you did and you mentioned that you used the Evolv products, then people would be more inclined to purchase, if they also want to lose 10 pounds. If you wrote an article on how you earned $500 in 2 weeks, then you will target those people that want to earn money. You need to target a person’s core need and draw them in that way and tell a story about it. If you do this, then you will have people joining the challenge from all over.

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