Cat Litter, 23 Best Ways to Use

You may already be aware that cat litter is excellent for providing for your cat’s sanitary needs, but you may be surprised to learn that cat litter can be used for over 23 additional purposes.

Cat Litter
Cat Litter

These shortcuts can simplify your life, help you save money, and possibly even get you out of a tight spot!

See what creative things you can do with cat litter by reading on.

These are the following ways to use Cat Litter: ­­

The uses of cat litter are:

Unstick Your Car:

We’ve all been there whether it’s deep muck, snow, or ice. You’re caught in your car and can’t move quickly. You might be surprised to learn that you can utilize cat litter to give your tires some traction. Simply toss a few handfuls under the immobilized wheel to restart it.

To ensure that you can swiftly escape this scenario, we advise you to always have a little bag of cat litter in your car. If you live in the north, this is especially true in the winter. You could avoid needing a tow truck to pull you out.

Dry Flower:

Flowers are lovely, but they wither quickly. They can be kept beautiful by using cat litter. To dry flowers or any other plant, simply put it in an airtight container with some cat litter inside.

You’ll have wonderfully preserved plants in seven to ten days when the moisture is absorbed by the litter’s dust.

Stop Closet Odor:

Closets may smell, whether it’s from your son’s soiled sports outfit or something else entirely. You can use of it to eliminate the rat stench. The smells in your closet can be swiftly eliminated by placing a small pan filled with clean kitty litter in the bottom.

However, keep in mind that your cat might determine they’ve discovered a new location, which would negate the effect of the closet deodorizer.

cat litter
cat litter

Only do this in parts of the home your cat cannot access, or you can place the litter quite high.

Remove Smells from Old Books:

Old books are another item that cat litter may deodorize. While there is something positively alluring about the fragrance of ancient books, some old books acquire an unwanted stench.

You can put these books in a closed container with some cat litter for a few days to help get rid of the scent.

You can use this technique on other vintage goods, such as clothing. Whether holding a garage sale or selling vintage goods regularly, this easy way to improve the fragrance of your merchandise will help you sell more goods faster.

Prevent Grease Fires:

The best defense against the devastation caused by grease fires is to put out the fire before it starts. Grease fires are very deadly.

The fat from your food drips directly onto the fire below, increasing your danger of a grease fire if you use an outdoor grill.

Apply a small layer of cat litter to the barbecue’s bottom the next time you cook to avoid a grease fire.

It will absorb the dripping grease rapidly to prevent it from catching fire, but it won’t affect your food in any way. For this, just be sure to choose a cat litter made entirely of natural clay.

Clean Oil Spills:

The capacity of cat litter to absorb oil can also be helpful in the driveway, garage, or other locations when there is an oil spill. It works very well on recent oil spills, but it can also be applied to more recent spills. But they will take a little more effort and time.

If you sprinkle kitty litter on the wet oil, it will absorb the oil quickly and you can just sweep it up, which will simplify the cleaning process.

Older spills will require you to let the litter settle for longer periods of time before using its abrasive quality to remove any leftover markings.

Repel Pests:

The majority of the time, even if your cat isn’t a hunter, having a cat won’t solve your pest problem. The reason for this is that the smell of cats naturally terrifies rats and other pests. You can make use of this inclination if you’re still having problems with intruders.

Use used cat litter to fill in holes and other pest-prone locations. They will be deterred from remaining any longer by this.

cat litter
cat litter

Intended even for mole owners, you can use this in your yard. Consider it your eviction notice, and just toss some filthy rubbish into their holes.

Keep Soil Moist:

Whether it’s in a garden or in potted plants, gardeners are constantly searching for ways to maintain moisture in the soil.

Non-clumping clay cat litter is one quick, simple, and affordable approach to accomplish that. The water in the soil will be retained by the clay, making it available to the plant when it needs it.

Use equal portions of soil and clay kitty litter to make a soil mixture that can hold moisture. After thoroughly mixing them, add them to your garden before planting, or when replanting, transfer them into a new pot.

After adding kitty litter, you’ll be shocked at how little you’ll need to water your plants.

De-Ice Sidewalks:

It’s risky to walk on ice on sidewalks or other paths. Individuals may trip and fall. However, a few of the chemicals used to de-ice them are harmful to the environment and pets. Try using kitty litter as a cost-effective, natural substitute!

You can stroll without fear of injury if you use non-clumping natural kitty litter liberally in the locations where people walk. It’s safe since the trash gives your feet traction on the ice.

Freshen up Your Fridge:

Odors can accumulate in your refrigerator along with food when it fills up. Other foods may then absorb this mixture of smells.

Many people put an open box of baking soda inside their refrigerator to prevent it from smelling bad. That is effective, but so is cat litter!

cat litter
cat litter

Place a small open container filled with cat litter inside to get rid of food scents in your refrigerator. Make careful to swap it out every few weeks to maintain your refrigerator’s fresh scent.

Deodorize Trash Cans:

If you don’t take care of your trash cans, they can develop foul aromas that can permeate the entire house, worse than your fridge!

Put some cat litter beneath the bag at the bottom of the trash can to stop that. This absorbs odors and any liquid spills in the event that the bag tears.

Cleanse Your Face:

As odd as it may sound, you can save a ton of money by masking your face with brand-new cat litter instead of spending money on actual beauty products.

All you have to do to avoid facial acne is to ensure that the cat litter you use contains bentonite clay.

Your pores will be cleaned by the natural antibiotic known as bentonite clay. Scrubbing with it acts as an exfoliator, removing debris and dead skin cells from your face. Once a week, use this homemade face mask to achieve gorgeous, youthful-looking skin.

Safely Dispose of Paint:

Eliminating residual paint can be difficult. Liquid waste should not be deposited in your trash bin, but poisonous liquids should also not be poured down the drain.

And that’s when cat litter comes to the rescue! If you add some clumping cat litter to those paint cans, they will solidify and become easily disposed of.

Eliminate foul Food odor:

You might believe that using chemical sprays is the only solution when your shoes smell like sweaty feet. But there’s a lot cheaper and safer way to keep even your exercise sneakers smelling great—kitty litter.

A few handfuls of fresh cat litter should be added to an old, clean sock. To keep the litter inside, tie it off.

Keep Seasonal Gear Fresh:

Anything you have for the seasons that needs some litter-filled socks is something else. Unfortunately, goods that have been stored for a long time frequently begin to smell musty.

When you take out your favorite winter sweater, there’s nothing more annoying than smelling bad.

Save a Wet Phone:

I’m sure you’ve heard that submerging your wet phone in dry rice will prevent water damage. Although it is true, it is an additional choice.

It may remove water from your phone or any other electrical equipment that has unintentionally come into contact with water because of its high absorptive capacity.

Add to Ashtrays:

Adding some cat litter to an ashtray is an excellent technique to reduce the amount of stink it produces. It takes up smells fast, making it less noticeable to others while you smoke.

You won’t have to worry about unintentionally igniting the house on fire because it’s safe to use to extinguish cigarettes.

Treat Minor Cuts:

It can actually help with some minor cuts and scratches, though you should always get medical attention when needed. Throwing any old cat litter on a cut won’t work for this trick; only clean, 100% bentonite clay litter will work!

Because of its antibacterial qualities, bentonite can aid in preventing the infection of small wounds. To aid in the healing process, you should first cleanse the wound with soap and water and then lightly dust it with fresh clay kitty litter.

Soothe Itchy Skin:

Anti-itch is yet another medical benefit of bentonite clay cat litter. Applying some kitty litter might help if you come into contact with poison ivy or were eaten alive by insects.

Before putting it on your skin, confirm once more that the mixture is made entirely of natural bentonite clay.

One part water to part cat litter can be combined to make a paste. Next, apply this mixture to any places that are experiencing irritation. It will lessen the irritation, and its antibacterial qualities will hasten the healing process after insect bites.

Scratch of Spray Paint:

It can be quite challenging to remove spray paint, especially from paved surfaces. Thus, you might need to use cat litter as assistance if you need to remove spray paint from the sidewalk. To get started, just gather some litter and a scrub brush.

The first step is to give the concrete a thorough cleaning with a strong soap solution, a broom, and water. After the dirt has been completely cleared out, you can begin painting. It can be made into a paste by combining it one-on-one with water.

Purify Produce:

The produce that you purchase at the shop is laden with many unwanted substances. It might contain soil-derived microbes as well as various poisons left over from pesticides and other treatments applied to the crops. But it comes in handy.

You should use an all-natural bentonite clay cat litter. Next, combine one quart of filtered water with ¼ cup of clay dust.

Any fruits or vegetables you wish to clean should be submerged in the solution and left to soak for approximately ten minutes. After that, rinse with filtered water and either let it air dry or use a fresh cloth to dry it.

Clean up Vomit:

We are sorry if the mere thought of having to clean up this bodily fluid is making you queasy. But the unpleasant truth is that you will almost certainly have to deal with it at some time in your life. But it helps to make this process a little more doable.

To clean up vomit, simply sprinkle some cat litter on top of it. After letting it soak up the liquids for a few minutes, you can easily sweep everything up. This also works on carpets, although it will require multiple vacuuming sessions to get rid of all the litter.

Absorb Drips and Leaks:

Do you have a leaking pipe under the sink that you are unable to address right now? Or an unsuitable basement for excessive precipitation? In either case, it can assist you in resolving this issue.

It will absorb musty smells in addition to physically holding onto the water to prevent damage.

If you have a basement leak, place a lot of cat litter on the floor around the source of the leak. After it becomes wet, be careful to clean it up and add fresh litter.

If there are leaks beneath the sink, fill a pail halfway full of kitty litter to absorb the water and any odors.


 What is a Cat litter?

A cat litter box contains granulated material called cat litter, which is intended to cover feces and absorb urine, giving cats a convenient and hygienic area to empty themselves indoors.

What varieties are available for cat litter?

Clumps, non-clumping, silica gel, natural/biodegradable (such as corn, wheat, or pine), and crystal cat litter are some of the several varieties of it available.

 What is Clumps in cat litter?

When clumping cat litter comes into touch with moisture, it solidifies into clumps that are easier to remove and scoop out of the litter. It’s a preferred option for cat owners.

How frequently should the cat litter be changed?

Depending on the kind of litter and the number of cats using it, it is advised to move the entire litter box every two to four weeks in addition to regularly scooping out solid waste.

Can cats safely use cat litter made of clay?

Although most clay litters are healthy for cats, certain cats may be allergic to the dust or scents included in some clay litters. Keep an eye on your cat’s behavior at all times, and contact a veterinarian if you have any worries.

Can I use the toilet to flush cat litter?

Cat litter should never be flushed down the toilet because most types of it—especially clumping varieties—can clog pipes and be harmful to the environment. Put used litter in a garbage bag for disposal.

Do environmentally friendly cat litter options?

Eco-friendly cat litter is available; they are created from natural materials such as wheat, corn, pine, or recycled paper. These litters are better for the environment because they biodegrade.

How Do I Lessen Odors from Litter Boxes?

Use odor-control cat litter, scoop waste every day, replace the litter often, and keep the litter box in a well-ventilated area to help minimize odors. Air purifiers and litter box deodorizers are further options.

Does perfumed cat litter work for me?

There is scented cat litter available, however, certain cats might not tolerate overpowering scents. It’s advisable to gradually introduce scented litter to your cat and observe how they respond.

What amount of litter is appropriate for the litter box?

Generally, it is advised to add two to three inches of cat litter to the litter box. For optimal results, however, adhere to the detailed directions provided on the container for the litter.

Cat Litter


Cat litter is excellent for providing for your cat’s sanitary needs. Cat Litter can be used for 23 additional purposes. The uses of cat litter are discussed.

In this article, I have discussed the 23 uses of cat litter. I hope that will be very beneficial for you. In case of any issue, you can contact us by the link on our website. Thanks!

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